,,For lady apprentince”

I wanna play with You
I wanna be for You, tonight

You were my little private sun
but I coudn’t appreciate this.
Togheter we had a lot of fun
but I don’t have any idea how I can repeat this.

I wanna give You everything what you want
but I don’t know how but I know what.
You have to only give me a permission
this is my only ambition
At the moment I’m crying and I regret
that it came to the end,
because this eight months were so great .

If I did something wrong,
please tell me because I don’t know what.

When I see your eyes
I’m in the paradise
it is a dazzling reflection of your soul
which is beautiful like a precious stone.
I wanna be a part
of your life
and I know that You desire this
deeply in your heart.
You’re like a treasure on the bottom of the sea
But I saw You earlier ,and now I still see-
You in my mind,
and I will be looking for the way how I can recover You.
And one day I will find.

And to the end of , I can only say :
I beg You : be my princess again
I will be better, and everything will be ok.

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